YOKAI Enamel Pin Set

YOKAI Enamel Pin Set

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[LIMITED EDITION] Perfect for spooky times! Yōkai (妖怪)  are supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore. This collection contains 5 classic yokai including: THIS IS ONLY SOLD AS A SET! YOU WILL GET 5 PINS TOTAL: 1 of each of the following! 1"-1.5" Gold Plated Hard Enamel.

TENGU: Tengu are a type of religious figure in Japanese folklore, generally depicted as forms of birds. They are highly intelligent and protective. They carry fans that can create great winds. Newer depictions of tengu show them with long noses and pom sashes.

 ONI: Generally portrayed as hideous, gigantic ogre like creatures with sharp claws and two long horns. This one is a little cuter, and much more bara.

KAPPA: Kappa are aquatic type demons that have a cavity filled with water on their heads. If that water is drained, they are paralyzed. They can resemble a mix of a duck, frog, turtle, and human. They can depicted as harmless or as human eating killers. Their favorite food are cucumbers.

KASA-OBAKE: Kasa-Obake are umbrella possessed yokai gaining a soul after serving 100 years of service.  

ROKUROKUBI : Rokurokubi look like humans, but they have a neck that stretches freely. Their heads can sometimes detach from their necks and become a Nukekubi. They are born from former humans, transformed by a curse resulting from an evil deed or misdeed.

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